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Susan's Mission Statement for the Circuit Clerk's Office

The Circuit Clerk's office is an integral part of the Courthouse team. For many people, the Clerk's office is their first contact with the Court system. Courts are now embracing technology in unprecedented ways, from the use of electronic filing and record keeping to the advancement of self-help and consumer friendly support programs. There is truly 21st century innovation happening in our court system, and I look forward to being a part of the team leading Champaign County in those efforts.

Specific services for the Public include:

1. Serve as a clearinghouse to direct courthouse users to available and helpful resources, including online information about basic courthouse services and resources.
2. Assist people seeking expungement of criminal records.
3. Assist the Courts and other courthouse offices in transitioning to fully electronic records.
4. Provide assistance with the examination and copying of court records available to the public.
5. Assist in the applications for or renewal of passports.
6. Provide standard form documents for public and court use.

Specific services for Courthouse Officials include:

1. Collect and disburse fines and court costs.
2. Prepare records in a timely and accurate fashion for appeals
3. Collect child support payments and trust monies as directed by the courts.