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Linda Abernathy,Former City of Champaign Township Supervisor
Lauren Anaya, Attorney
Catherine Barbercheck, Attorney
Carolyn Baxley, Owner, Cinema Gallery
Steve Beckett, former Champaign County Board Member, Attorney
Arnold Blockman, former Champaign County Circuit Judge
Rita Blockman
Julie Campbell
Joanne Chester
, former Cunningham Township Assessor
Matt Duco, Attorney
Bob Haley
Sue Haley
Diane Husby-Gordon
Illini Democrats

Chris Johns
Diana Lenik, Attorney
Lisa Little
Shayla Maatuka, Attorney
Dannel McCollum, former Mayor, City of Champaign
Brendan McGinty, former Champaign County Board member
Cynthia Morgan, Attorney
Dr. John Peterson, former City of Urbana Alderperson James Quisenberry, former Champaign County Board Member
Jill Quisenberry
Jenny Ravanh
Melodye Benson Rosales

Skylar Rolle, University of Illinois student
Kevin Sandefur
Laura Sandefur
Barbara Slanker, Attorney
Nia Smith
Eric Thorsland, Champaign County Board member
Claudia Krapac Washburn
Barbra Webber
, Attorney
Barbara Wysocki, former Champaign County Board Chair