Susan's Vision and Goals
for the Circuit Clerk's Office

The Circuit Clerk's office is an integral part of the Courthouse team. My experiences as both an attorney and as an active part of our community provide a solid foundation to serve Champaign County as the Circuit Clerk.

For many people, the Clerk's office is their first contact with the Court system. Courts are now embracing technology in new ways, from the use of electronic filing and record keeping, to virtual hearings, to the advancement of self-help and consumer-friendly support programs. I look forward to being part of the team leading Champaign County in these efforts.

Our County is facing an unprecedented challenge in garnering the financial resources necessary to provide essential services. I am ready to meet that challenge by being fiscally responsible in managing the dollars that are available, and in designing innovative ideas to provide those services. Those ideas must include the best use of available and potential technology, not only for Courthouse users, but also for staff.

As your Circuit Clerk, I will:

Provide the highest possible accuracy of court records.

Assist the Courts in the transition to fully electronic courtrooms.

Create an advisory working group composed of members of the Bar Association, Land of Lincoln, and the Courthouse Technology Manager to support the evaluation and improvement of the Office of Circuit Clerk services.

Cross-train Circuit Clerk staff to provide quality uninterrupted services.

Evaluate hiring and personnel decisions to maintain a high level of services in the face of fiscal constraints. 

Provide Pro Se Litigants instruction and education on how to electronically file their own documents.

Promote the daily availability of expungement services and link people with legal support to assist in that endeavor.

I recognize how vitally important it is for our County offices to work together to achieve these common goals.